Yellow Dog Democrats

Long before the cartoonish “Blue Dogs” there were the Yellow Dog Democrats, which stemmed from the notion that “a Southerner would vote for a yellow dog before voting for a Republican.”

I count myself among those. I think there is a profound sense of Yellow Dogness right now. This time four years ago, people were very strongly aligned into the Dean camp, or the early Kerry camp, or even Joe-mentum. These days, I don’t see nearly the polarization.

The blogosphere can’t seem to accept Hillary. She and Edwards (the blogs’ fave) voted for the war. Obama was against it, but has only been in the Senate for two years. Bill Richardson has qualifications, but makes too many blunders to seem viable. Kucinich and Gravel are for comic effect, for the most part. Dodd and Biden are on ego trips.

But I don’t even care at this point who it is, among those. Yellow Dogs would be preferable for me.

I hope the candidates see this before they get in too many more of these negative spats, and, I hope they realize that they need to win Super Tuesday, not Iowa, and not New Hampshire. I predict after this year, those early states will lose relevance. It’s about time.