"Sicko" Critics Miss the Point

Do I detect a wee bit of avarice in the criticism of Mr. Moore’s latest film from supposedly left-of-center critics? The meta-critcism here is not that Mr. Moore’s skewering of the HMO system is false, but that his love affair with single-payer universal health coverage is too facile.

Of course, had these supposed muckrakers been doing actual substantive reporting on America’s health care mess, and had they explored why we are the only industrailized nation sans universal health coverage, instead of proffering “he said / she said” hooey through meaningless frames, then “Sicko” would not have been necessary or fresh. Methinks that is where the jealousy comes in. As with the Bush Junta’s goof city exploitation of 9/11 in Farenheit 9/11, Mr. Moore is free to state the self-evident that the MSM cannot.

The Green Monsters totally miss the point here. All that Mr. Moore is demonstrating is that foreigners akin to the uninsured — or uncovered for what is necessary by their insurance — in America are somehow able to get necessary health care without going broke. That this is largely accomplished through a single payer system is a well accepted fact. I have no doubt that this system is not always perfect, but that’s beside the point: Necessary health care is either given or it isn’t. In America, as everyone agrees and Mr. Moore so ably demonstrates, it isn’t.

Also, greatly enjoyed the closing “fuck you” of Mr. Moore paying for the important surgery of his Internet antagonist. Well played; well played, indeed.