Outrage Overload

I have been outraged to the point of distraction at the federal government for over six years now, and I’m not sure I can sustain it anymore. For example, I just haven’t been able to care that much about the U.S. attorney scandal.

I’m mildly interested in the Iraq funding bill, and I suppose I should be somewhat cheered by the Supreme Court’s Massachusetts v. EPA decision (even if it hinges on the life of an octogenarian). But the burnout works two ways.

Part of me thinks things will never improve, and exodus is the only way I can make sure that any children I have will get a fair deal to live a middle class life. Part of me thinks I’m whiny, since I come in at the top percentiles of the middle class in worth and income, and I also won the birth lottery being a white male.

But after all is said in done, it’s just hard to care when you don’t even feel that revolutionary victories of formerly grand proportions—the 2006 elections, for example—even make much of a dent in What Ails America.

What’s more, I have a local situation that I might begin blogging about in the near future. I am closing on a new house tomorrow in a small town roiled by infighting over, of all things, sewer service. In steps the state and has threatened random people there with $1.5 million dollars each in annual fines if they don’t connect to a sewer that may or may not exist on the day the order demands. All of my Che Guevara energy will be going into that fight, I can tell, and not resisting the nitrous-oxide-trip-like images of federal politics.

Even when it got me mixed up as a non-liberal, I advocated for a liberal vision of states’ rights. I’m more and more convinced that de-balling the federal government, which, after all, is controlled by an undemocratic senate, and undemocratic electoral college, and an undemocratic supreme court that is appointed by the winner of the undemocratic electoral college and confirmed by the undemocratic senate, is the way to go. The seeds of our founding may have contained the seeds of our undoing after all.