Figure Skating Advocates Resort to Name Calling

The Darcy Tucker Leafs and their fighting keyboardists have reacted like abused Millhouses to the Kaberle hit. Here the intrepid David Shoalts, using the power of arithmetic complains that Janssens’s three game suspension wasn’t even a “slap on the wrist” because he’ll only miss a handful of actual minutes on ice.

Of course he blithely ignores that Janssens will sacrifice pay for those games, and he is barely a non-minimum wage player.

So, I asked Mr. Shoalts the following:

Dear Mr. Shoalts:

Could you point me to any article you penned condemning similar actions by Darcy Tucker or Tie Domi? Please advise. If so, you would be one of the few in the Toronto-specific media to been singing the same tune in both regards.

To date, of course, I have received no response.

Of course many of the same typing tyrants condemned Todd Bertuzzi. But he wasn’t a Leaf. At that time, much of the condemnation revolved around the fact that Bertuzzi got treated a certain way because he was a “star player” and Steve Moore was just a jobber. (In reality, he was an enforcer, just like Janssens.)

Now, because it fits the facts, we’re getting minutes on ice comparisons. When it was Bertuzzi, who probably averaged close to 20 minutes a game, versus Moore, who maybe skated for 5 max, this kind of logic was inapt. Funny how the rules always are different for the Leafs.

The reality is that players get punished based on the injury that results, not their intent or recklessness. If Kaberle hadn’t spun into the boards, no one would be saying a thing. That’s something you can’t say about Darcy Tucker’s intentional knee to knee hits. But he seems to get away with it.

But the funny thing, the real telling thing, is that the anti-accidental violence jocksniffers never seem to make a compelling case. Indeed, Mr. Shoalts even resorts to “troglodytes”–others have referred to the nefarious pro-injury caucus as “neanderthals.”

This, of course, is the classic ad hominem. Sometimes, pointing out the deviousness of a source is worth pointing out. But it is only compelling if you have a cogent affirmative point to make on your own.

So, what to do Mr. Shoalts? Take all hitting out of the game on the theory that it would prevent all accidental (and intentional) injury?

There’s a name for that sport–it’s called figure skating. Good luck selling tickets to that.

2 thoughts on “Figure Skating Advocates Resort to Name Calling”

  1. I think that reputation has something to do with it also. In my opinion that was a perfectly clean hit. It got compounded because Kaberle had his head down and clearly didn’t brace himself for it. If he had his head up he would have absorbed it better.The hit reminded me of Scott Stevens. He probably would not have faced suspension due to his overall reputation. Cam Janssens does not have a reputation anywhere near Stevens’. Compund that with whiny reactionary Torontoitis and we are where we are.


  2. Reputation and team.Janssens would not be suspended if he played for the Leafs, Rangers, Red Wings, Avalanche, etc.


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