Let the Toronto whine machine begin. Of course, I am sure that there are hundreds of ways that Darcy Tucker’s Tie Domi’s playoff hit in 2001 on Scott Niedermayer, or Darcy Tucker’s knee on Peca or Hecht, or etc. etc. were entirely different than this.

2 thoughts on “Kaberle”

  1. The Domi/Niedermeyer incident was supposedly Niedermeyer’s fault for trash talking Domi, according to Don Cherry.Due to DirecTV sucking I did not get to see the hit, but it sounds like it was clean and within the acceptable confines of the game; it wasn’t a head hunting special when the game was already over like the Domi shot.Three game suspenson, but that is only becuase of the scary aftermath. Janssens and Tucker will fight it out in the next game and that will be that. As it should be.


  2. Honestly, I’m totally agnostic on the cleanliness of the hit. I think it was made a huge deal mostly due to the aftermath.Clean or not, Leaf Nation is the last that should be complaining about dirty play.


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