Myth Busted: Shannahan

Myth: Brendan Shannahan wasn’t like all of the other Ranger acquisitions of the last several years, and he actually would perform as he had before. Excepting one good season or two from Adam Graves, the Gerks have basically signed retirement contract after retirement contract for players with no interest in performing. Fleury, Kamensky, Gretzky, Messier round 2, etc.

But, Shannahan was supposed to be different. He was a “leader” (i.e. popular with fans and has won something) and was signing on not to be he franchise player, but to add on to an already great group led by Jagr. Then after Shanny scored boat loads of goals in the most irrelevant months of the season, he was declared a great signing by Gerk nation.

So, how has the man done recently?

2 goals in February
3 goals in January

Just a trickle of points. No wonder he went batshit over the alleged abuse of Jagr. (Another myth to be busted) So, just like every other bullshit greybeard the Rangers have signed, Shanahan is another waste of money for them.

This isn’t meant as any disrespect to the man. I think he was a great player, one of the best in the recent era. But that doesn’t make him good in 2007. And that’s the problem. The Rangers and their fans want you to believe that signing someone who was a miracle worker in 1997 is now and that you should bow down to that.