Ludicrous Hockey Rumor of the Day

Sakic to Anaheim.

This is the second ludicrous hockey rumor involving the Ducks and a member of the Divealanche championship teams. The price Nashville paid for Forsberg was a coup for interim/quasi/temp GM Holmgren in Philly. (That was a better trade than Bob Clarke ever made in his life.)

But Nashville made that trade for non-hockey reasons. Given the lecherous douchebag of an owner they have in Nashville, the constant taxpayer funding demands, the shitty attendance, and a team on the cusp, it was time to go for it. Nashville paid more for Forsberg for 20 games plus the playoffs than the Ducks did for Pronger for 3 years.

Now if the Ducks weren’t ready to give up their top prospect, a rookie 30 goal scorer and some picks for Forsberg, what makes anyone think they’ll pay what the Avs would inevitably demand for Sakic, who, though less injury prone is not as good?