Hockey Blogger “Eklund,” who is currently involved in a bit of a scandal, reported this last night:

“Rumor is the Ducks balked at 2 picks, Bobby Ryan and anothr [sic] roster player. “

Bobby Ryan was picked #2 behind Sidney Crosby. He is a top prospect. The roster player could be anyone, but let’s say it’s Penner. And two picks? That doesn’t even pass the guffaw test. Here’s what the Ducks gave up for Chris Pronger, under contract for years:

Ladislav Smid, a top defense prospect
Joffrey Lupul, the kind of “roster player” you might look at here
The 2007 (decent year) first rounder of the Ducks, which won’t be in the top 20
The 2008 second rounder of the Ducks

And the suggestion is that MORE than that be given up for a four month rental of an oft-injured player past his prime?

More questions before posting this shite, please.