Frickin Laser Beams Causing Global Warming…

There are some sure signs I should increase my dosage of Paxil. One is spending the last three hours reading the stupidity of the global warming deniers and turning into a ball of misanthropic rage.

So, the (conservative…) Times of London posts the latest in the never ending line of global warming denier rhetoric: cosmic rays are doing it. And the so-called scientists who won’t accept this refutation are not being “scientific” because they are shutting out skepticism.

For the record, I’m going to get a little meta-scientific here. Science is not sheer skepticism. When you get a working theory backed up by tons of evidence, you do not discard it when one bit of contrary evidence appears. That’s what every single global warming denier statement asks to do: discard the weight of tons of evidence based on often preliminary and irrelevant results.

It’s not that they were dumb that, say, Newton’s theory of gravity wasn’t instantly thrown in the garbage when general relativity came along. It’s because it had worked for so much stuff. Then, lo, it was discovered that in 99.9% of the cases subject to human experience, Newton was still correct.

And the comments people trot out. They’re all the same. Crichton or some right wing hack gets parroted. Or they hate “hippies” so they must be wrong. Or it’s going to cripple the economy if we fix it (?) so it’s wrong. etc.etc.etc.etc.

Gawd. We deserve it.