Rumor Mill

Just some thoughts on the NHL rumors.

Darcy Tucker to Ducks. NFW. I don’t think Scott Niedermayer likes this guy.

Forsberg to Ducks. Of the few teams TSN says he’s willing to go to is the Ducks. If they make this deal (a mistake, IMHO) they have an inside line: the Ducks’ top prospect, Bobby Ryan is a Collingswood, NJ native and is well known in the greater Philadelphia area.

Bertuzzi to Detroit. Bert doesn’t fit the mold of a Detroit deadline acquisition. If he were 5 years older and a bit more accomplished, I could see it.

Stuart to the Devils. Is Brad Stuart a Devils’ type player? I don’t think so. In fact, the number one problem with the Devils this year is not their current roster: it’s their inability to refine it as usual due to cap problems. But even if they could swing this one, Stuart would just be Deron Quint part deux.

Lindros to Pittsburgh. This actually makes a great deal of sense. Has Lindros accepted his non-star status? If so, he might be able to help Sid with childhood and stardom. Or not.