Me too.

Apropos of the post below about Idiocracy, I must admit that last night, I watched American Idol instead of the SOTU.

I figured, if I want to see an idiot spouting a bunch of bullshit, I might as well throw in some entertainment. Watching the incipient downfall of Paula Abdul into the depths of a painkiller addiction pleasingly flavors the shootdowns of the failed karaoke bobbleheads that provide the only real joy in this show.

Plus, Paula is just hotter than Nancy Pelosi, and TokenBlackGuy is more real, dawg, than Dick Cheney.

Besides, I already know the State of the Union: slowly waking from the schizoid coma induced by 9/11 on our pussy-ass collective psyche that can barely deal with losing out on a parking place, let alone confront the kinds of mass death that we inflict on the rest of the world.


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