Yes, the "Boring" Devils Are Back

DJS is correct–all of a sudden, I’ve heard the Devils called boring again. That must mean they’re winning by keeping the other team from scoring. What a concept.

The Devils lack the depth everywhere except in goal that their championship teams had. There is no doubt about that. Thing is, no team is as deep right now as the pre-cap elites were, except, perhaps, Buffalo and Anaheim, both of whom are experiencing a 1999-2000 Devil-like crop of excellent rookies. (Note to oppoents: put your checking line on Getzlaf, not Selanne. No. Don’t. You can lose to Getzlaf, but if you don’t check Selanne, the media will criticize you. Lose the right way!)

Is there a trade to me made for the Devils? I think there is. As dead as this season has been on that front, I think at the deadline things will happen. And, of course, it will be a defenseman. If I had to guess, I’d say (if available) Sheldon Souray. Lou likes old Devils a lot.

The NHL needs to stop trashing one of the only two post-Bettman dynasties, one of the few teams that is consistent enough to matter every year, and, now, a team with such a strong tradition.

2 thoughts on “Yes, the "Boring" Devils Are Back”

  1. I’d argue that the Devils’ depth at forward is close to where it was for the ’95 and ’03 Championship teams. They may lack the pedigree of a Claude Lemieux or Joe Niuwendyk, but they are more talented than last season.It’s pretty much impossible to make up for no longer having two hall of fame defensemen that overlapped for ten years like Stevens and Niedermeyer. The Devils seem to have a defense full of second pairings, but it’ working.


  2. I think they are getting by without the need for that depth in a lot of their games by playing overrated teams.There really aren’t that many teams out there that have what used to pass for depth.And, honestly, I don’t really think their weakness is at D. I think they need another scorer, at least.They are in all truth, a oneline team 5 on 5. They are overdependant on the PP.That said, I still think they are in good shape to come out of the east.


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