Pelosi's Strategy…?

Don’t know enough about the people involved, but… Murtha supported Pelosi’s push to be Minority Leader post-Gephardt. Murtha seems like the sort of person that would be pissed if he did not get adequate quid pro quo for that once he decided to run for Majority Leader himself. Murtha is a backroom dealer, and even though he lost, he has enough clout with some of the moderate members of the caucus and the respect of liberal blogger-types for changing the debate on Iraq. He has enough chits to call in from deals done in the past to make things dfficult. By giving Murtha his propers Pelosi kept him in the fold going forward. She and Stoyer have an only working relationship anyway, so no real harm was done there. Murtha crashed on his own ethical failings, but picking him also gave some support to the Net Roots group on the outside of the party.

Anyways, now its over and no one outside of Politicos cares anyway. Time to pass the gavel and pass legisltion.

One thought on “Pelosi's Strategy…?”

  1. It’s better that as many people as possible feel like they’ve been thrown a bone. At least this way there won’t be Dems running around complaining about totalitarian Pelosi.


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