Beyond the Crease

So, I recently sat down and read the new Martin Brodeur book, Beyond the Crease. It is not a good book.

Hyped as a “tell all” from a current player, there’s nothing in there that you couldn’t read in the Newark Star-Ledger. We all knew that Marty likes to negotiate his own deals, that he’s a “company man” and so on. There’s nothing in there that’s earth shattering.

Not just because of his “warm feeling for the state of Texas,” but for many other reasons, I came away from this book honestly not liking Marty as much as I did before I knew any of this. He comes off as a pompous proto-Republican. Some of his quirks include refusing to speak to French-Canadians in English, yet at the same time not being a separatist.

There were no shocking insights about the lockout year, other players, or anything in that book. He doesn’t even explain why he divorced his wife (sure, it’s private, but you’re the one writing the book, Marty).

I wouldn’t waste the money on this one if I were you.

One thought on “Beyond the Crease”

  1. I’ve always thought that you can tell that Brodeur is kind of a dick from how he drinks his water bottle after each period… and he fucked his sister’s wife.


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