The American Centre-Right Returns To Power

There is no meaningful left-wing in the United States.

Let me back up that statement with a bit of context and argument. This traditional political axis, originating in France, is entirely obsolete to describe today’s politics and politicians. This is why the MSM mainly refers to left-wing as the position of most Democrats and vice versa. There is no subtlety to these terms, at least none that those writers comprehend. But originally, this axis simply refers to one’s position on wealth and its redistribution.

By this, we should point out that FDR was the original Third Way. He saved capitalism. But just to keep this credible to someone without deep historical perspective, I’ll call FDR Center-Left. Nixon, LBJ, and Eisenhower were as close to centrists on this axis as we’ve had.

With Reagan, we gained our first truly Right Wing president in 50 years as the American Consensus died. After him, we had a brief 12-year interregnum of the Bush I/Clinton center right cooling, followed by six years of the most right wing president ever.

Now it’s over. It was too much. The mythology of the Greatest Generation informs our zeitgeist too much to go much further, even with the influence of fear on our coddled chickenshit generations who now govern.

But don’t mistake this as some sort of return to liberalism. It’s merely a halt on the right wing ownership cleptocracy. This Congress won’t even balance the budget, let alone inject a Keynesian spending deficit to lift the poor, and any kind of serious redistribution is patently out of the question.