Silly Conservatrons! Steele is for Losers

Reading the Conservatron prognosticators on RealClearPolitics and elsewhere trying to fan the “late GOP surge” story there was one upset to watch that the MSM was missing: the Steele upset in Maryland. Even late in the night a panting Ken Mehlman could be seen asserting that Steele was still closing the gap. The Washington Post had recalled its call for Cardin. Gasp!

You can see why they were so intent on Steele. Here was a black Republican that was not a permanent resident of Goof City like Alan Keyes or a panatromic whitey like Clarence Thomas and JC Watts. Steele could be a Bush patsy and hold his own on Real Time with Bill Maher.

Steele’s candidacy fed into the Conservatrons’ “Dems take the black vote for granted” storyline. But do they really? Democrats regularly fight for wage increases and have maintained affirmative action programs whereas Republicans continue to villanize urban areas, make “Macaca” comments and still play race baiting ads late in the game in the old Confederacy.

Ironically, in trying to appeal to blacks this year Republicans were as condescending as they claimed the Democrats were.