Conservative Dems?

I remember why I can’t stand the talking heads on TV. They are so shallow, so pompous, and so transparently full of shit. Something gets said by someone–90% of the time, a Republican guest on these shows–and it becomes (passive voice) “it has been said that. . .” etc.

One of the spins is that this went the way it did because of “conservative” Dems. They cite pro-life Bob Casey in Pennsylvania, NRA-approved Tester in Montana, etc. You see, these talking heads have a few things programmed into them. One is that there are two kinds of people: liberals and conservatives, and the hybrid “moderates.” (According to the MSM, everyone should be a polite “moderate.”)

But these are meaningless terms. Moderate is just someone who doesn’t always vote with his party. But it could be for anything. Arlen Specter is a “moderate” because he supports abortion rights, no matter what his other opinions are. John McCain is a “moderate” for… I don’t know why.

So, it doesn’t matter that Sherrod Brown and Bernie Sanders are in the Senate. It matters that “conservatives” like Casey and Tester are in the Senate.


I wrote below that this election is the end of checklist liberalism. That’s the real, more subtle point of analysis here. Democrats finally realized that some of their issues can’t be enforced in every state. (Apparently, though, abortion isn’t one of them anymore.)

That’s what happened. It’s not a more conservative Dem party. That’s apparently a meme that will never die.

One thought on “Conservative Dems?”

  1. As I posted below – Democrats are united on most economic and social policy issues like health care coverage, the minimum wage, and energy diversification. Democrats in more rural areas will be a bit more “conservative” on issues like guns or abortions. But, really, in terms of impact on many peoples’ lives these are smaller issues that were fanned by the Conservatron hate machine. The base of the Democratic Party has always been economic populism – leveling the playing field for the workaday Joes and Janes. Lookingback at the 60s, or the 30s or even the 00s there would be plenty of Testers in the Party.


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