The Tightening Bamboozle

The foreign press has even picked up on the meme that the race has tightened in the last few days on the basis of two polls, and two polls alone. Somewhere in the GOP engine room, they are pushing this to get more people to vote on the theory that some are staying home thinking it won’t do any good. Maybe, but I was about to stay home myself, knowing there were no closely contested races of any import in my district today until I read that. It motivated me, too.

You see, we’re so used to losing that none of us believe that we’re going to win. I’ve wondered about vote suppression, fraud, court challenges, poll fakery, or whatever else. I’ve feigned confidence at times, but no matter how many good polls I see, including the last two Missouri polls, I just can’t come to believe it.

Oh well, I added another vote for DiFi to the million or so she’ll win by.

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