Coaching Deadpool Update

(1) Stevens – Has to move to the top here, because of the rumors a new GM is coming to Philly. Most new GMs will want to make their mark with a new coach. Especially since Quinn is on the shortlist, and he’d probably want the honors himself.

(2) Tortorella – This team is doing a whole lotta nothing. I still think this team suffers from unreasonable expectations because they kept all of their star forwards–which makes them look as good as they were in 2004 to casual fans. Not so. But unreasonable expectations kill coaches.

(3) Playfair – Albertans have gotten used to the idea of their teams not sucking major cock, and they like it. Calgary is underperforming, and, while this guy is not near the danger zone in his tenure, a shakeup may be coming, and it won’t involve Iginla or Kipper…

Bonus picks: Gretzky, and, just on the basis of his tenure, Trotz.

I’m going to take Babcock off this list because things have turned around somewhat in Detroit. Nashville has improved too, but Trotz has been around so much beyond the average tenure that he’s gotta be at risk. Gretzky seems to have passed the latest pressure wave against him, but I still think he’s not going to stick. I’m also wondering if Tom Renney isn’t getting close. It’s sounding like NY will try a trade first, but if that doesn’t work….

UPDATE: From the St. Pete Times:

“Going into the season, it was pretty clear the direction of ownership: We’re content to spend the payroll that we are if we’re a team that’s going to win,” Feaster said. “If we’re bouncing around .500 and looking up at eighth place, I don’t expect that ownership is going to allow payroll to continue at that level. And that means changes.”

Feaster said it is not a threat.

“We can’t afford to keep falling further behind,” he said. “That’s the reality of it. Losing causes an even greater sense of urgency in terms of getting it fixed.”

UPDATE 2: I think I’m adding (4) Claude Julien