Game. Set. Match.

I’m calling it right now. The Foley scandal has the Conservatrons sunk. Democrats win back the House.

Even as events looked good in the summer I felt that the Conservatrons could win enough news cycles to create enough of a false choice to barely hang on to a House and Senate majority.

No more. They cannot concoct anything more interesting to turn the page, so to speak. It would not matter quite as much if the Gay Old Party were not flush with santimonious scolds. A creepy child molester is the exact bogeyman that the Conservatrons have been fnording against for decades. Having to go through the whole damage control song and dance over this one effortlessly reveals them to be the manipulative plutocrats that they are. Big Man Pig Men that mouth words about “morals” while sheilding a pervert.

Ha ha, charade you are!

I’ve long loathed the Republicans of the Conservative Ascent. The loathing was mixed with a healthy respect – sort of like how one feels about throat cancer. Now they are just absurdities.

As I’ve written before: it is the fate of all conservative movements to lapse into self-parody before they collapse.


GM Croc Tears Over Lou Magic

So, anonymous GMs are going on the record at lamenting the fact that the NHL let the Devils out of some cap problems? After waging a 5+ year slander campaign against the Devils due to their “trapping” play (including one year where they were the highest scoring team in the leage), and the recent anti-Brodeur rules, you have to wonder what on earth Lou did to the rest of hockey.

Obviously, the player agents hate him because he doesn’t take their shit, but the other GMs? They must simply be jealous. Just when it looked like ol’ Lou was fucked, he pulled it out again. If they ever catch Lou with underage pages equipment boys, the vultures will circle faster than they are over Dennis Hastert’s political grave right now. The problem is, despite everything, Lou has always acted with 100% integrity, loyalty, and skill. That’s why they hate him: he shows how it should be done, and they can’t or won’t do it.

So Bob Clarke and the rest of the no-talent GM crew can grouse all they want. They know damn well when the time comes, they’ll be looking for their own Lou-pe holes.

NHL Predictions

So, I can’t resist.

Without getting all analytical, here are my picks.

Final Four: Anaheim, San Jose, New Jersey, Buffalo

Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Anaheim, San Jose, Los Angeles, Detroit, Nashville.
New Jersey, New York Rangers, Montreal, Buffalo, Ottawa, Atlanta, Carolina, Tampa.

Coaching Deadpool:
If anything goes wrong: Wilson, Renney, Babcock. Probably already fucked: Tippett, Tortorella, Hitchcock.

Big Chummy Tradebait for this season:
Lecavalier, Modano, Gomez (always on the list!), Sundin.

Dark Horse Teams:
Atlanta, Los Angeles. (Nashville isn’t a darkhorse anymore.)

Anti-dark horse Teams (ie. overhyped):
Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Carolina.

Biggest improvements:
Columbus, Atlanta

Biggest downturns:
Dallas, Colorado, Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Tampa

"Direct Democracy"

The political philosophies of the ancients are dismissed with the same reflexive knee-jerk as their natural science theories are. The problem is, while they were not close to understanding the basic rules of physics, they had at least as much insight as we do into the basic rules of politics.

So when Aristotle reasoned that direct democracies degrade into oligarchies, no modern political theorist would take him seriously. And the people who wrote the California direct democracy rules certainly ignored it.

Yet we have this:

Our analysis of thousands of interviews from the PPIC Statewide Surveys shows that likely voters in California are disproportionately white (72 percent), U.S. born (88 percent), homeowners (77 percent), age 45 and older (62 percent) and college graduates (53 percent) with incomes of $60,000 or more (56 percent). By comparison, nonvoters are more likely to be young, renters, Latinos, immigrants and have less money and education.

The reality is that an “exclusive” electorate has taken root in California, a state where no racial or ethnic group constitutes a majority of the overall population. The gaps between voters and nonvoters in race, immigrant status, age and affluence are expected to persist — and perhaps even widen — in the decades to come.

California’s direct democracy has evolved into a WASP oligarchy. It’s time for at the very least a quorum requirement (a 50% turnout at least) on these coupled with some reform of the way the legislature is elected. Let them do their job.

Personally, I think this entire system should be done away with.