Philadelphia Media Imploding Over Flyers' Stench

Look at this whining piece by Ed Moran. Moran’s basic thesis is that because the fans pay for tickets the players should play and win. And, oh, the horror of watching Snide Crosby score the hat in the F-U center (or whatever it’s called now).

You’d have to look at this in a totally different aspect if it were a Montreal writer writing in the mid 90s, coming off a dynastic high of 100 years, or even just a Detroit writer this year. At first glance, that have been a good analogy to what’s going on in Philly. The difference is, though, that the Flyers haven’t been good for years. They just fooled people into thinking they were. If hockey standings worked like the BCS, the Flyers would start the year ranked near the top every year because of all of the hype their latest free agent signing generated, but end in the middle because they don’t have the goaltending to close the deal.

Only now is the illusion finally caving in on them. And for stupid reasons. A 6,7, or 8 goal loss in the post-lockout NHL is not something that on its face means anything. Yet for some reason, that mattered in Philly. It was the image of it, not the reality that the team hasn’t been built to be anything other than a flashy showpiece for 20 years that caused the churn there.

But still, it’s sickening that these people can’t comprehend a losing season, especially since they have failed to win anything for years.

This kind of whining wouldn’t sound good to fans of most other teams in the league, who either are suffering or have in the recent past. Even the most consistent performers of late have had recent periods of joke-status, including New Jersey, Detroit, Dallas/Minnesota, and Colorado/Quebec. But apparently, no one in Philly has noticed that they’ve been a joke since at least the days of Lindros. Until now.

In some NHL cities, it’s not about stars, it’s about winning. In Philly, it’s about the appearance of, or the entitlement to, winning.