Incredible. The man has singlehandedly been able to associate the name “Cam” with badass. In his most recent exploit he took out the head down and whiny D-Man Mike Van Ryn with a clean open ice check that disconnected Van Ryn from his stick and sent him scuttling to the hospital without retrieving it. Next he plastered the aging goon Gary Roberts (and got a bogus charging call after the fact). For an encore he turned Steve Matador into Tomato Face in a mutual fair fight. Janssens should have been the second or third star of the game.

Given his role, Janssens has been the Devils’ best player this season. Every game he makes at least one memorable hit. He has taken few penalties. If his line could begin to establish a bit more of a cycle and perhaps get a few ugly goals it would be a real boon because they would be on the ice more often.

Update: Another painful hit in last night’s 1-0 win.