What will the Democrats do?

Via Kevin Drum, conservative Bruce Bartlett says not much. And “liberal” Harold Meyerson agrees.

There are a few actual errors in their points on the one hand, and the points are misleading on the other.

First, Republicans and Clinton were able to do quite a bit in the 90s when the Republicans had only a thin majoirty. Surely, Gingrich didn’t govern on his own, but his influence was unmistakable, even if it backfired more than it succeeded.

Second, the whole “do” thing implies affirmative, forward progress. The reason for the Democratic resurgence in the polls has less to do with their affirmative agenda, which hasn’t changed much in six years except for handling terrorism issues, and more with the failure of congress to serve as a check and balance.

So, it’s more about what the Dems won’t do or what they won’t allow or won’t allow to continue that what they will do.

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