Coaching Deadpool

(1) Ken Hitchcock – You heard it here first: the Flyers will fail to make the playoffs this year and finally pay the price for not just playing hockey that’s obsolete in 2005, but hockey that’s obsolete in 1980. Bob Clarke’s mule-like stubborness to adapt to the new world has put together a top heavy team with Sequoia-tree defenseman suited for 10 years ago, a goalie whose promise has already been destroyed by their system and another one who is on the way to being the next in a long string of young Flyer goalies to suffer that fate. Compound all of that with the locker room revolt captained by Robert Esche, and Hitchcock is on his way out.

(2) John Tortorella – Someone will have to take the blame for Tampa’s attempt to keep only the flashy stars from its Cup year and none of the men behind the scenes who really made it happen. The players don’t listen to this guy, who seriously looks like a Yuppie ass hole that should be living in Agrestic and played by Kevin Nealon.

Bonus picks: Just hunches, but the tea leaves aren’t looking great for Trotz, and if Wayne Gretzky weren’t his boss’s boss, you’d wonder wtf.