Kim Jong Il Saves Hastert

Without North Korea’s comic book sabre rattling, I’m pretty sure we’d be set for a short-tenured Speaker Boehner. Fortunately for Hastert, this is going to dominate the news because it’s the kind of thing that, well, matters, whereas NAMBLA action in Congress is the indulgence of a relatively stable world–stable in its current disasters at least. Iraq is still a mess, Afghanistan is still a mess, and New Orleans is entirely rebuilt, but…those things are just the same.

The only question is is if this happened soon enough to save the Rapepublicans from a serious disaster.

2 thoughts on “Kim Jong Il Saves Hastert”

  1. I agree–I think they’re still going to have a disaster. But for now, the NK thing is all over the news enough to probably save Hastert.


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