Stick a fork in Angelides

The lamest campaign in recent California history, surpassing even such comedy reel hits as Michael Huffington and Bill Simon, is over. Angelides is down by almost 20 points in the latest PPIC poll. While it’s not as drop-dead-accurate as the Field Poll, even if this is an outlier, it’s still lights out. And here’s why:

Arnold is thirty percent up among Latinos. He is only down by 30 among Democrats, whereas he’s up by almost 80 among Republicans. Arnold has 20 points among independents as well.

It’s over.

UPDATE: I almost forgot Cruz Bustamante. (How could I do that?) He may be the lamest of all.

UPDATE 2: The scary-accurate Field Poll has the race 44-34. That’s a far cry from the 20 points we see in the PPIC poll, but it’s still bad news for Angeweedees.