Academic Study Says 2006, 2008 Favors Dems

Based mostly on data related to employment and inflation figures, this article in the Atlantic says that history points in the Dems’ favor this year and in 2008.

At the end it concludes that

If this excursion into political science has any relevance for Democratic electioneering, it may be this: downplay “position-issues”; they leave you open to attack. Instead link the Republicans to “conditions negatively valued by the electorate”—incompetent management of the government and falling real incomes or rising unemployment or both. Make the 2006 and 2008 elections referenda on a record of miserable failure.

Branding, in other words. Removing the issue groups from prominence with their wonkish talking points. And attacking the other party re: same… sounds familiar? Sounds like Kos’s formula minus the stats and footnotes.