Does the Arrival of Dowd Signal the Departure of Madden?

The pride of Brick, NJ is back with the home team looking to land a spot on the roster. Assuming he does the most obvious odd man out would have to be John Madden.

Madden rounded in to form over the last third of 2006, but his effectiveness seemed limited by the new rules. His PIMs increased to 36 from the mid-20s for most of his career. Not a lot, but still, Pandolfo barely had any.

Unless Lou can pull some magic with the Mogilny/Malakhov contracts someone will have to go. Madden may be enough of a sweetener for another team to take Mogilny or Malakhov thereby freeing up enough cash to sign Gionta, Martin, Hale and a back up goalie.

I like Dowd. Everyone likes Dowd. Still, from Madden to Dowd is a downgrade, but it may be the best Plan B available.

Something needs to happen soon….