Can the Democrats Close?

Rounding the corner for the last quarter of the mid-term race the Democrats find themselves poised to make gains in both Congressional houses and with a strong chance of gaining a House majority. As more “safe” Republican seats fall into play getting the majority of last minute deciders to break in their favor could give the Democrats a monumental pick-up; perhaps 30+ seats.

The Bush Junta and the Conservatrons have tried the normal scare tactics, false choices and innuendos. They can still win news cycles, but people pay less attention to the outlets that constitute news cycle these days and the track record of the Rights dismal failure is impossible to ignore. The Terri Schiavo fiasco laid bare its scary Theofascism; the Hurricane Katrina disaster proved that its stunning incompetence would leave horrible results in the face of catastrophe – whether caused by man or nature. Regardless of the numbers in their guts people know that the economy is sluggish as a snail in a salt flat; willful ignorance on global warming isn’t pleasant any more.

The last obstacle for the Democrats to overcome is the comfort factor. Reagan and Carter were neck-and-neck until Reagan equaled Carter in their debate. Asinine as Reagan’s one-liner was, it effectively showed that this new-fangled Republican could be President. The Republicans did not win in 1994 until the Contract With America gave people a reason to vote for them.

I have almost no doubt that the Beltway Democrats are aware if this and have something of substance ready for October. The quality of the “why to vote for us” message will make the difference between a brief departure from the dominant trend and the establishment of a new political paradigm.