GOP Coalition Fracturing?

The word on the street is that Bush has attracted the Tammy Fae Bakers of the world (i.e. “big government conservatives. He said this group is mostly female, southern, religious, and seeks solutions from government”) and neglected the libertarian wing of his party.

The Libertarian wing? That has to be the most oft-suffering wing of any party. Hell, they’re probably worse off than Log Cabin Republicans or Kennedy-hating Democrats. I believe this means the old Goldwater folks, who were instantly betrayed by anti-civil rights folks and religious conservatives, to the point that Goldwater remarked to Bob Dole in 1996 that they were the “liberals” of the GOP.

Most of what has been done in the name of Libertarianism in the last several decades has been done so for marketing purposes only. Like 900 page “free trade” agreements. It just ain’t so. Libertarians–true Libertarians–put equal weight on life, liberty, and property. The first two are more closely guarded by the Democratic party. Proprety? It’s only more guarded by the GOP if you are in the top 1% of earners.

If the Democrats can break through on taxes to some of these people, the GOP will end up controlling only the South. Surprise.

2 thoughts on “GOP Coalition Fracturing?”

  1. My U.S. History teacher in high school was about as libertarian as they come, and he had only a teacher’s salary. Of course, he worked for the government and that had to compromise him a little… but, he was the only one I knew.


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