A Vista To A Kill

My wife’s aunt and uncle worked for a company that was subsumed by Microsoft. They’ve been able to hook me up with some neat-o M$ goodies through the years. Last week, I got a pre-release version of Windows Vista.

It’s terrible.

I hadn’t even used it yet, and I already knew it was terrible. First, I tried installing it on my old Dell Pentium 4. After several attempts, I gave up. It just wouldn’t install. It would hang at different points all over. Even assuming that’s some beta level thing, it still takes a couple of hours (!) to complete. (I finally got it to install on a Dell laptop.)

This stands in sharp contrast to my OS X powered Mac Pro, which runs 4 CPUs at 3.0GHz, and runs an installation of Windows XP in a window. Unlike emulators of the past, this software directly accesses the Intel CPUs which burn up XP faster than any machine I’ve owned running natively. It boots Windows XP in 15 seconds!

People are tiring of Dell’s terrible product and worse support. People are tiring of Windows and its fragility. With Apple hardware now competitively priced and able to run Windows programs better than most Windows only machines, I see a huge increase in the market share when Vista, which is really just XP 1.1 has to face up to OS X 10.5 Leopard next year.

Leopard will kill it.