Olmert Political Deathwatch 1

Haaretz Opinion Columnist calls for his head.

Yeah, you just can’t blueball the Neo-Con/Likud folks like that. They act like they’d almost rather there was no war than one less than total. But, in the act of going as far as he did, he went past the Europuss consensus as well.

It’s amazing to watch how quickly things can fall apart.

P.S. This was the wierdest war, wasn’t it? All of this tension built up, but fizzled. It makes you wonder what’s really going on. As much as Israel fizzled, so did their enemies. To hear them talk, you’d think they were relishing the opportunity to destroy Israel. The only conclusion I can draw is that they say that to distract attention from their failed states. It’s not that Israel and the US don’t do reprehensible things, but all the bravado of Iran, Syria, Hizb’allah et al sure never amounts to anything.

P.P.S. Interesting water-cooler convo this morning. Why do I care about Israeli politics? Well, I wouldn’t, but I’ve been made to. Normally, Israel would be about as important to me as, maybe, Slovenia. But our leaders make them essentially the 51st state.