Call it fascism, or whatever

In almost every essential way, the modern conservative movement has almost all of the elements of fascism, but, it’s a younger cousin of fascism. Calling it fascism is not incorrect, but it sure makes people who you argue with think you are being hyperbolic, or criticizing a straw man.

“Neo-fascism/American conservatism/whatever ” is different in 9at least) this way: it uses a clever combination of stealth, even within the minds of many of its adherents.

Many of these folks do believe they are advancing freedom, that they are not racist, and that they are in fact being oppressed by jews/gays/blacks/illegal immigrants/the clintons/hollywood/communists/iraqis etc. At least Hitler had the balls to be up front about his hatred for Jews, even if he lied about what he was doing about it.

Fascism exploited propaganda to wonderful heights, yes, but it was at least overt about what it was doing. To hear the Bushites speak, you’d think they were about to create a liberal paradise with “healthy forests,” “clear skies,” more opportunity for low wage workers, and democracy throughout the world.

Maybe I’m not expounding this perfectly, but I do feel that what we are experiencing is an entirely new phenomenon whose “Animal Farm” or “Doctor Zhivago” has not yet been written.

The more it looks like the Dems will be getting subpoena power in at least one house, the more I think we’re about to learn things that make Watergate look like a quaint, Donna Reed-esque version of abuse of government.

P.S. Fuck Mel Gibson. He can kiss my I-would-be-Jewish-if-I-had-any-religion-in-me ass.

2 thoughts on “Call it fascism, or whatever”

  1. Being link-spammed by the neo-KKK, a first for this blog.BTW – I have fallen in love with a non-white. It was nice.


  2. To the subsance of the Post: the “values” movement in Conservatism actively engages in scapegoating to a group that feels disempowered. Nazi-fascism did the same thing, but to a stronger degree and to a once-proud nation that had been defeated and humbled, not to a man who had his blue collar job outsourced and is angry about Dave Chapelle “getting away” with things on Comedy Central because he’s black (things that people didn’t do on TV when he had his old job). I think that the vast majority of values Conservatives would balk at the overt violence and subjugation of true fascism. However, another event that shakes the country, another 9/11, would begin to change that paradigm. The first 9/11 begat Gitmo which is worse than an Internment Camp but better than a Concentration Camp. What would the next one bring…? Notice that the Klomentary from the Klansman above shows eagerness for World War III.


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