So, the isotope analysis confirms that he was cheating, according to the NYT.

I feel a little chumpish, because I believed him. I felt like the French targeted Lance because he was American and won their race too many times, and now they got Landis–and they were able to get the results leaked before they were confirmed, so he was guilty either way.

Too bad about this. But is there really anything wrong with doping? I mean–is it cheating? Is it any more cheating than, say, using a bicycle is? Is running without shoes the only real sport?

I don’t know if these results are final or not (he was supposed to have had some amount of steroids in him for medical use). I’m not really a cycling fan–my dad was all about it. I think it’s lame. I think it starts with cycling and ends up with NASCAR.

Sports either need to be a direct reflection of an athletes skill or strength for non-team sports. Team sports are cool as long as winning and losing has as much to do with team spirit as it does the athletics. When machines get involved, it really starts being about engineering.

Come to think of it, I’d like to see golf where evey player had to use the same clubs (of different sizes).

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  1. Once it gets to the point that participants start wearing thos weird uniforms that look like they are made out of fruit roll ups cycling is just NASCAR for yuppies. Biking around the neighbordhood, however, is great fun.


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