• Why won’t the Bush administration take a victory lap and get us out of Iraq. They have a government, right? Right?
  • Does anyone really believe there is a quick solution to the Israel situation?
    (P.S. If hizb’allah is hiding rocket launchers in civilian areas, what is Israel supposed to do, just sit there and take it?–and don’t tell me a list of things they could do to make peace–seriously, how are they supposed to respond? Seems to me it’s hizb’allah putting the civilians in danger. I don’t suppose the IDF could quarantine Lebanon?)
  • This whole kindergarten sandbox reaction to Bush saying “shit” is sickening to me. We’re going to pick on him for this of all things? We need to start a serious programme of decriminalizing our vocabulary.
  • Can the Supreme Court command the President? Hate to say it, but drawing a distinction between what the executive can do and what they can introduce in court is not a facile apologist distinction. If a person’s life, liberty, or property can’t be taken by an executive action, then who cares what they do? Let’s just see if the Right-wing chirpers agree with this principle when they have a Dem president.