Al Gore For President

A little over a year ago, I declared that I was for Gore in ’08.

In that time, the idea went from surmise on my part to a shitstorm of rumor (not that my surmise had anything to do with it). There are draft Gore groups and websites a plenty. Gore is winning straw polls on Alternet and DailyKos. Even the mainstream press has starting kicking the rumor around (which almost makes it enough to kill it). Gore himself has almost denied it, but not entirely. He says he’s focussed on his project of waking people up to global warming.

I saw An Inconvenient Truth today. I almost sobbed at points during the movie. Mostly because of the terrible, terrible and uncontrollable damage we are doing to the planet, but, at least a little bit because this guy missed out in 2000. What a different world we would live in now.

What’s clear from this movie is that Gore has the brains and the guts to take leadership on the issue that should be the most important issue on earth. His presentation is excellent, even if the “up close and personal parts” are a little sappy.

Gore should be elected solely on the merits of this work. You can ignore his history and experience in politics. If we manage to avoid calamity, or even just limit it in degree, Al Gore will have had a hand in that victory, and that is something that is certainly more important than inventing the Internet–and also far harder to take out of context.

America has no leaders anymore. Those who rule do so for their own benefit, and those who attempt to lead are really following the fickle and uninformed masses by way of opinion poll. True leaders inform us of what the issues are and how to tackle them. That is what Gore is doing here.

At one point in the movie, Gore quotes Churchill and his prescient warnings about the terrible evil of fascism. Remember how Bush tried to use this same logic to promote his pet war? Just like that, and like Cheney’s supposed “one percent doctrine” it only seems to apply to financially interesting targets that involve oil, and filling the coffers of the military-industrial complex.

When it comes to issues that are equally cataclysmic as nuclear war, Bush and Cheney fail as Churchills–even as Chamberlains–and remind me more of Vichy facilitators. So perilous is the issue of global warming, that I, as person who cares deeply about the earth, am willing to shout down nuclear-power-naysayers with Coutler like screechiness. Nuclear power isn’t perfect. Solutions to things like this never are. Wind and solar power cannot provide the base load. There are very few things left that can if we remove all fossil fuels. Nuclear power is really the only viable solution. One day, wind and solar power may provide enough energy to create the hydrogen that we otherwise need, but the utopian visions of the enviro-left cannot be made so instantaneously like some Biblical day of genesis.

We should even consider giving oil companies and their shareholders monopolies on nuclear power for a set term. Yes, it’s that bad–Faustian bargains must be struck. The lives of billions depend on it.

At the end of the movie there are some suggestions for what you can do. As a tonic for the guilt that the viewer might feel at the time, this might be nice. But in reality, none of those things will usher any real change in. For real change, we need real leadership. For that reason, I will scream from the hilltops that Al Gore should be the next president of the US.


Gore has softened his “not running” statements even more.

Of course, Gore can always go back to being an ordinary presidential candidate — he hasn’t completely sealed off that option. ”I do not expect to run for president again,” he says, choosing his words carefully. ”But I haven’t completely ruled out the possibility of running at some future time. I haven’t given any Sherman-esque statements: ‘If nominated I will not run, if elected I will not serve…”’

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