9-11: Loose Change

I just watched a totally disturbing internet movie called “Loose Change.”

It’s central allegations are:

* A plane could not have struck the Pentagon.
* The plane strikes did not bring down the WTC; demolitions did.
* Flight 93 did not crash in Pennsylvania.
* None of the 9/11 hijackers are necessarily who the government says they are
* An impostor was in the bin Laden “confession” video.

The film’s conclusion is that this was a “self-inflicted wound” that benefitted certain money interests and the Bush administration.

The conclusion is flimsy. The irony of the film is that it’s basis is very detailed examination of the evidence, debunking official conclusions, only to replace them with its own extremely weak case. This is the classic downfall of the conspiracy theorist. They don’t just stop with the forensics–they go on to explain the absence of evidence as evidence on its own.

The furthest afield I ever went in the 9/11 conspiracy world was to take seriously the charge that flight 93 was shot down. But I’m not an expert about any of this stuff, and so I simply lack the tools to build my own positive case.

What “Loose Change” does very well–to the point that it deserves an official response–is deconstruct some of the canons of 9/11. Even if there are explanations that fall short of “magic bullet complexity” (the producers have a Kennedy moment in the beginning, with General Lemnitzer suggesting some staged shenanigans as a pretext to attack Cuba), they should be given, because some of the evidence presented in this film is simply damning. To me, the most compelling part was the Pentagon strike.

Conspiracy theoresists suffer from the same mental deficiency that people who rely on the supernatural to explain everything: everything has to have a source, a reason, a primum mobile. They do not. For example, it is entirely possible that there were smoked filled rooms of industrialists and military types who wished Kennedy dead so thoroughly that if ESP were real he would have dropped dead even sooner. And it’s entirely possible that entirely independent random forces induced all of the same wishes on the part of the mafia, yet the two groups may never have spoken or even winked at each other. It’s also possible (though I personally don’t believe it) that Oswald was moved by these same emotions without any command or connection from anyone else. After all, people seem to agree on things often without being told to. I don’t recall anyone telling me … pssst dislike Bush. Yet me and others seem to dislike him.

Therefore, I believe it’s possible that al Qaeda, bin Laden, Rumsfeld, and the whole cast of characters could have benefited from 9/11 and even wished some sort of “eye opening” cataclysm on America, and yet there may be no causal connection between the two. In fact, it approaches irrelevance if they did. Regardless of any connection, both the Bush administration and al Qaeda have both harmed America’s interests and both deserve our censure for their actions.

So, with those metaphysics expounded, I submit that the project of this film should not be to provide answers, but only to ask questions. That it does well.