Rangers Bloggers: Shannahan Not Like Kamesky, Fleury

As soon as I heard that Brendan Shannahan was signing with the Rangers, I wondered if that meant that his three year delay before a vote on hall of fame membership begins now, or only after he really stops playing.

Of course, the NYR bloggers are explaining why it’s different. It may well be, but there’s no reason to conclude that at this point. Seriously, in every fact that matters, it’s the same situation. Granted, Shanny may have taken LESS money to go to New York, but the reality is, he’s past his prime, out of his comfort, and he even admits that he’s doing this just to turn the page.

I’ll admit I’m wrong if he can top 30 goals or matter in the playoffs.

One thought on “Rangers Bloggers: Shannahan Not Like Kamesky, Fleury”

  1. As I wrote in my NHL Playoffs preview the Red Wings offensive numbers were inflated last year due to their ability to play 24 games against the Hawks, BJs, and Blues which were three of the worst teams in the league. Take away those 24 games and their goals for goes down by more than one. I’m not going to break that out for Shanny and the Rag$ do have plenty of offensive talent, but he sounds like someone preparing to play out the string and I have a sense that Jagr won’t try so hard this year. Of course, hatred can cloud my Rag observations.


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