The Liberal Blogopshere Is Calcifying

Have you tried posting at DailyKos lately? Beware, the commenters there no longer brook any dissent. I called bullshit when a prominent dKoser claimed that it was the “DC Dems'” fault that Busby lost in the CA-50 election in a 33% Democrat district. I assume they would have taken their props if she had won.

It’s sad to see that a force that is so dedicated to putting some balls back in the Democratic party is turning into a dogmatic force of its own. (If you’ve ever exchanged personal e-mails with Kos, you’ll see he pretty much knows everything…) For the last 5 years or so, there’s been nothing more important in the Democratic world. But it my have peaked.

The Internet allows people to come together and combine forces, but it also allows for a mob mentality to prevail. Opposing the Iraq war, promoting Dean and Kerry, and coordinating the counterrevolution on Social Security have all been part of the blogosphere’s legacy.

But no tangible electoral gains have come yet. It’s not that they’re wrong. Dems need to be Dems and need to run everywhere and restore a 50-state philosophy. But it needs to be done by experts — maybe not the current crop who have been failing for a while, but not by a mob who will scare away the voters…