California Primary

I agree with Kos. If Angelides and Westly run the general election as stupidly as they’ve run their primary campaign, neither of them will be able to beat Schwarezenegger, blue state or not.

I’m fairly confident that Angelides is going to win in a close race. He has a lot of mainstream support. I think the Feinstein endoresement helps him out quite a bit. But listing off a bunch of endoresements, like he did, doesn’t really give you much of a feeling about him, unless you are used to just voting for whom you’re told to vote for. The CTA, for example, says vote for Angelides.

I’m going to vote for Westley. I don’t think either of them are different enough for it to offend my principles. But I think Westley has a better chance of beating Schwarzenegger for two totally superficial reasons.

First, a two-part opinion. I believe Westley has made his campaign about him, not about lists — lists of endorsements or lists of policies. He sounds like an interesting guy. Part of this, too, is his name. Westley. It’s very milquetoast American. That will appeal to some Californians after Ahhnold, and in this environment of heightened anti-Mexican scapegoating.

Second, they’ve already managed to make Angelides look like a “tax and spend” liberal.

Two things matter in California politics to Republican voters. Mexicans and taxes. There are very few here who care about social conservative issues. If they are scared of getting a tax and spend guy with a Mexican name (I know, I know, I know he’s not…) then, well, the opposition could be amplified.

These are stupid reasons, but they get votes. I simply am more interested in Westley as a man.
So, I’m voting for him.

UPDATE: An Exit Poll Of One…

Governor: Westley
Atty General: Brown
Insurance: The guy who was running against Cruz Bustamante (yes, for that reason).
Prop. 81: No
Prop. 82: No