If the CandyCanes win and Brindy takes the Smythe, the one upside is the complete and total humiliation of Bob Clarke. The downside is that Canadian kids are already taking up soccer quicker than hockey. In 20 years, you might have to go to Sweden to see a world-class hockey game.

2 thoughts on “Upside.”

  1. As long as the money is here the best hockey will still be North America. With the advent of roller blades hockey is becoming more of an option in the southern parts of the USA.


  2. Hockey is in trouble in a lot of places because the equipment is so expensive. This is true in Canada as well as everywhere else.The money may simply not be here, and, even if it is, more and more of the better players may not come, if they can earn some money in the SEL or the RSL.When the great economic collapse happens…ack, nevermind.


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