NHL Conference Finals Predictions

Better late than never.

East: Buffalo vs. Carolina
This one is almost a coin flip. The Canes can turn it on almost at will like few teams I have ever seen and can flat out dominate 8 to 20 minute stretches of games. When under pressure though, their seven-headed defensive monster and goalie can be had. The Canes will have lots of moments, but the Sabres have the offense to match them. Buffalo in 7.

West: Anahiem vs. Edmonton
Edmonton has impressed, Pronger and Peca are finally turning out to be the players everyone thought they would be. But the magic will run out. Anahiem in Six.

Update: Well, I seem to have gotten the west all wrong. The east is unfolding much like I anticipated, but Buffalo could be in trouble if their d-men keep on dropping liek flies.