New Duck Colors

Rumor has it next year the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim will no longer play in the Arrowhead Pond in purple, green, and black. . . but the Anaheim Ducks will play in the Napa Auto Center in orange and black.

Obviously, I’ve been lamenting the fact for 13 years that the hockey team that plays within eye-shot of the place of my birth was named after a movie (and it sucked that they made a movie about the Angels too, by the way), but I hoped that they would just drop the “Mighty” and leave it at that.

In hockey, there are several team names more ridiculous than just “Ducks.” How about Canucks (usually an epithet for Canadians), Penguins, the Wild (huh), the Avalanche, the Blue Jackets, the Thrashers–and when they came into the league, it was hard not to add the Whalers to that list.

Oh well, at least they aren’t the Los Angeles Ducks of Anaheim.

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