Ducks & Salary Cap

The Ducks payroll is currently about $32M. Give everyone that deserves it and trade away Giguere, and you’re back at $32M. Canoe says Joe Sakic to Anaheim or Vancouver. Maybe not, but with $10-$15M to build on a team that’s in the third round, it has to be an appetizing destination.

Not to mention the fact that they won’t be the “Mighty” Ducks anymore next year.

Update: Of the remaining teams, Edmonton is near the cap (!), the Sharks and Carolina are at about $37M, and Buffalo, like Anaheim, is near $32M

One thought on “Ducks & Salary Cap”

  1. Anahiem got good, and lucky, by having so many younger players and unknowns come seemingly out of nowhere and take on big roles. That’s a benefit of having Niedermeyer as captain, he takes pressure off the younger players and just lets them play their game. Beauchemin, who I had never heard of before, is now surely one of the top fifteen defensemen in the league.


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