NJ's Last Gut Check

Before the Devils/Canes series started I felt that Elias and Gomez would have to rise to the leadership bar and make big plays. They did just that–Elias created a highlight reel goal and Gomez got the crucial go ahead deflection–and they still lost in the worst way possible. Moreover, Carolina has dominated play in this series the Devils counter-attacks have been sporadic and far between (unlike in ’02 when I felt the Devils were truly the better team through two games despite losing them). This team won’t fold like the ’02 team did in a somewhat similar circumstances; after losing a tough one in OT in game 5 they didn’t even create a scoring chance in game 6. The Canes will have to earn this one and maybe getting White back and having the last line change will allow the Devils to establish some better offensive rhythym. If the Devils pull this one out then we have something. Devils are running out of if they though…

Update: The above post is the delusional rationalization of a fan. I came within a whisker of betting $10 at +170 that the Devils would win the series today. Glad I didn’t. With a few bounces the Devils could have made a series of it, but credit where credit is due – the Canes have clearly been the better team.

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