Revised Picks for NHL Awards

So they left out some of who I would have nominated. Who am I? I’m a guy who actually watches western time zone games, so, despite a thin resume, that makes me vastly more qualified to comment than most of the ignoramus scribes who do get to vote. (That and I can skate on ice, something most of the voters can’t.)

These are regular season awards, so keep that in mind. Many of these would change just after the first round otherwise.

Calder: Phaneuf. (I would have changed to Ovechkin based on round 1)
Vezina: Kiprusoff. (Brodeur if based on round 1)
Selke: Brind’Amour (did Alfredsson score too many goals for this one or something?)
Hart: Thorton
Norris: Niedermayer (He would win if it was based on round 1–zubov and lidstrom did dick)