Round 2 West

(5) San Jose versus (8) Edmonton
Every advantage except “magic” has to go to San Jose in this series. I don’t think Detroit was a David/Goliath story unless David shot Goliath with tranq darts.
San Jose in 6.

(6) Anaheim versus (7) Colorado
Surviving the first round showed that Anaheim has been underrated. Bryzgalov pulled through in a way that Theodore probably isn’t capable of. I like the Ducks in this one. Here’s to an all California conference final!
Ducks in 6.

Round 1: DJS Rick Result
DET/EDM Det5 Det7 Edm6
DAL/COL Dal5 Dal6 Col5
CGY/ANA Ana6 Ana6

2-2 here for each of us. +/8 precision for me, +/- 11 for DJS.
Overall, I’m 5-3 for each of us. -/+ 13 for me overall, +/- 15 for DJS. Not bad, not great.

2 thoughts on “Round 2 West”

  1. Colorado series was the only one I got very wrong, Avs and are teams that I followed the least.


  2. You put Detroit in 5 here you change it and I didn’t see?


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