Careful, Detroit.

You don’t want to become another city that infamously eats goaltenders up. Just think of Philadelphia–where goal tenders go to become a failure, when they are trying instead to go to the next level. Consider that Brian Boucher, who is now a journeyman backup, has gotten the Flyers farther than anyone since 1997, and you’ll see what I mean. Detroit is becoming the same way. The figure, these guys win 3 cups, so any time they don’t it must be the new coach/goalie/whoever.

So tell me, if you’re a goalie looking to take that next step, do you sign with Detroit?

No, not now. Not to a team that’s this old and still blames its losses on the goalie. Rebuild, Wings, rebuild. You got that extra cup 4 years ago by hanging on for one more, but you’re fooling yourself if you think you still have a Cup capable core.