Bubble Teams

Tampa: IN, but first-round fodder.
New Jersey: IN. It would require an amazing skid to miss it. They’ll right the ship in time.
Montreal: IN. They’ll be able to build up enough of a cushion before the tough part of the schedule comes.
…that means:
Atlanta: OUT. Too little, too late.
Florida: OUT. Face it, you’re playing spoiler.

Anaheim: IN. They’ve been beating up on the teams that supposedly make their schedule too hard to make the playoffs. A win tonight against Colorado will put them within 4 points of home ice.
Colorado: IN. This team still has enough veteran leadership to gut out the rest of the season.
Edmonton: IN. I hope they’re seeded seventh so they can play Dallas.
Vancouver: OUT. Too many issues in the locker room, too many games already played.
San Jose: IN. Remember 1994?
Los Angeles: OUT. Taylor’s gambit ain’t going to work.

3 thoughts on “Bubble Teams”

  1. If Matchivuk comes back NJ will be a-okay. Weimer was a good pick up, but it seems obvious that they should have tried to have dealt Kozlov.The Quacks could be big trouble in the playoffs.


  2. Nice win by the Devils. That’s why they’re champs: they win when they have to.The Ducks run had to come to an end, but they still hung in there.I can’t believe San Jose lost that game. It wasn’t the most important, but shit.Toronto still makes me sick the way they play. They think they’re hot shit. Ugh. Rags are going to lose in the first round.


  3. I agree. Rag$ have first round upset written all over them. If the Devils can claw into sixth beating the Rag$ would make the whole season worthwhile.Ottawa or Carolina would sweep or else five game the ‘Ning Flukesty.Atlanta or Montreal could be trouble in the 8 spot.


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