NHL Trade Deadline: I hear crickets

Are that many general managers really unable to swing deals given the complexities of the salary cap? I don’t think so. I think there are too many buyers. There are too many teams that are looking to add a piece in order to get a little more revenue from a home playoff game or two, and there are as many as ten looking for a cup. It’s making what’s apparently availble, Olli Jokinen, Shawn Bates, et al. too expensive.

So, if there is a problem, it’s probably the fact that too many teams make the playoffs; I’m not sure that’s really a problem, but a lot of people think it is, that it makes the regular season not matter enough, and so on. Maybe, but I doubt it really has much to do with the cap, unless, of course the cap is really succeeding in creating more parity.

I believe it has. I think teams that are failing this year are failing largely because they were oversubscribed under the pre-cap regimen (St. Louis) or have been poorly managed for a while (Islanders) or who are honestly rebuilding (Washington, and given the benefit of the doubt, Washington).

This is good news then, folks.